Quick and Dirty

Today our Web lead in marketing, with a little help for our programming team, improved the lives of 44,695 website visitors per month to Texas State. That’s 1,441 people a day! How did he do it? Mostly just some clever CSS that finally dragged the university homepage in to the modern mobile age.

Yes, txstate.edu is finally responsive.

It did’t take a redesign or a committee and a giant team of programmers. Just the will, skill and time to accomplish it. Oh, and we he did get the approval of The Man, but I think it would have happened regardless.

Is it perfect? By no means. Can it be improved? Definitely. And we’ll do that in the formal redesign process we’ll embark on this fall. But for now, a few lines of code and almost 45,000 visitors have a better experience with the Texas State brand. Not too bad. The only question left to ask is, why did it take so long?