About Me

I have the unique perspective of a web developer for higher education and non-profits since the mid-1990s. Starting as a student coding HTML, I advanced to become a strong user advocate, moving away from coding while promoting content driven websites that worked for their users. I was an early adopter of click tracking, statistical analysis, focus groups, and user testing to create highly functional, efficient, and user-friendly websites. The field of practice is now called UX, but the goals are the same: create great websites, mobile apps, and user experiences when interacting with technology.

Creating a customer support team from the ground up to support and train 35,000+ students, staff and faculty at Texas State University on web and teaching applications have honed my skills at training, communication, planning, problem-solving, and crisis management. Supporting good and bad software on a daily basis strengthened by a resolve to be a user advocate at every opportunity that presents itself Рbe it redesigning a web page, creating a new service to address a new need, or building a new mobile app.

I’ve spent the last 4 years building great websites for the City of Pflugerville, introducing new communication tools and process that, hopefully, make city government more efficient and accessible. You can read about some of those here.

In 2019 I completed my Ph.D. in Environmental Geography at Texas State University. My dissertation research focused on how Texas craft cider makers use their products and tasting rooms to create a sense of belonging. Neolocalism though craft beverages. I also created a pretty amazing local food model that I think will create some great discussion. Look for the journal article soon.

Need help with a project? Feel free to email me at mbo@single-track.com