While I love to write, I also love to play with my kids, work on our barns, raise sheep, drive a tractor, ride a bike, paddle a boat, read books, remodel century old farmhouses and barn, and generally just hang out with my wife. So, this site will probably progress in fits and starts.

I’m also not one to dwell on the past. I like to knock a project out of the park, enjoy the glow of happy users, then move on to the next one. However, I think reflecting on my major projects may provide some guidance to others (and a reminder to me) on how things get done. And it’s rarely as you ever plan them to be.

So, call it a portfolio, a brag book, nostalgia, whatever – just enjoy it if you find it relevant.

If you desire more up-to-date fare that has little to do with tech (although there is definitely some UX going on to make things work better!) view the Bohemian Bounty website – I’m writing a bit over there depending upon projects and time and whatever the farm crisis of the day is.

Need help with a project? Feel free to email me at mbo@single-track.com